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JPW Consult

JPW is a boutique cyber advisory services provider based in Australia, focused on Small to Medium Enterprises (SME Sector), providing innovative and cost-effective Virtual CISO Services to SME CEOs & CIOs.

Recent work includes co-authoring the Victorian Government Cyber Security Strategy and managing a VPDSS compliance project. Member of the Victorian Government Cyber Security Strategy Group and the Victorian Government shared service customer cybersecurity working group.


Constantly emerging sophisticated cyber attacks jeopardize your business every minute of every day. SecurityScorecard instantly identifies vulnerabilities, active exploits, and advanced cyber threats to help you rigorously protect your business and strengthen your security posture – from an outside-in perspective, enabling you to see what a hacker sees.


Even brief loss of Service can be disruptive, while loss of Service for a few hours may even be catastrophic. The design of the URiM App means that an offline version of the latest available Data is held locally within the App itself. So even in situations where live data is momentarily unavailable, URiM users can still be working effectively with the best practical alternative.