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Free and effective tools you can use today
to reduce risk for your business.

Small businesses are essential to the global economy. They provide livelihoods for individuals and their families around the world. But studies show that 43 percent of all cybercrime targets small businesses. Even though the business may be small, the risks are great. 

Cyber crimes such as identity theft, malware, phishing, ransomware and email spoofing can be devastating to small businesses. Many businesses close permanently after a cyber attack, and the impact can reach far beyond the business itself.

Most small business owners aren’t cybersecurity experts, but fortunately, there are free, basic tools that anyone can use to significantly reduce risk. At the Global Cyber Alliance, we have collected many of those tools here in one place: the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business. 

About The Toolkit

The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business is an online website you can access on any computer, smartphone or tablet. It is organized into sections, called “toolboxes.” Each toolbox includes free products from trusted cybersecurity companies that anyone with or without computer knowledge can implement to improve their security. Simply begin with the first toolbox, and work your way through each sequentially, selecting the tools that best suit your business’ needs.

The toolboxes include:

Know What You Have

Devices and Applications

Discover tools that help you identify and assess your devices so you can take the proper steps to secure them.

Update Your Defenses

Updates, Patches and Vulnerability Management

Boost your digital immunity by implementing tools that automatically update your systems and applications. 

Beyond Simple Passwords

Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication

Safeguard your accounts by learning how to create stronger passwords and adding additional layers of protection.

Prevent Phishing and Viruses

DNS Filters, Anti-Virus and Ad-Blockers

Protect against malicious attacks with advanced tools that help you navigate the internet safely.

Defend Against Ransomware

System Backups

Discover tools that help you routinely backup your data and easily restore it.

Protect Your Email And Reputation

Email Authentication and Brand Monitoring

Explore tools that protect your email domain and brand name from being misused by attackers.

GCA is Committed
to Helping Small Businesses

At Global Cyber Alliance, we committed to making small businesses safer, and that is why we created the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit. We follow five fundamental principles:

Make it Free:

The GCA Toolkit is itself free to use, and includes only free tools and resources so there is never a cost for small businesses to improve their security.

Make it Easy to Use:

We have designed an online experience that is intuitive and accessible so that anyone, even those with limited technical knowledge, can use the Toolkit to make an impact.

Make it Multilingual:

In our globally connected economy, business is done in many languages, and we strive to make our content available to all, in localized, accurate and culturally appropriate language.

Make it Globally Applicable:

We collect and share tools that are relevant to all computer and internet users, regardless of industry or experience because each individual business’ security contributes to the safety of all.

Make it Private:

GCA does not collect any personal data from our users, we do not share any data with third parties, and we greatly respect and value your privacy. While our founders are law enforcement organizations, we are not affiliated with any government, and do not share any data with government or law enforcement organizations.

Explore the Toolkit
And Make Your Business More Secure Today.