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Beyond Simple Passwords

Your passwords are the first line of defense for you devices and accounts. Strong passwords and multi-factor authentication help protect your data. Explore tools to strengthen your passwords below.

Creating a Strong Password

Have I Been Hacked

So, you have been taking the steps necessary to know what you have, who can access it, and ensuring that settings are secure and updates are being done. The next crucial step is making sure you aren’t leaving your systems, applications or devices open for unauthorized access. Lock your virtual doors and windows. Just like in the physical world, when you lock everything down, the bad guys may move on. Your accounts and data (such as email, personnel records or databases) are valuable assets – to you and criminals.

Keep your accounts safer by moving beyond simple passwords: use strong passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) (an additional layer of protection to your passwords). Be sure to set up unique passwords on all your accounts – use the list of devices and accounts you created in Toolbox “Know What You Have” to help make sure you have everything covered. Use this toolbox to access tools that help you create and manage strong passwords and 2FA.

5.1 Tools for 2FA

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Specops Password Auditor

Use this tool to scan your Active Directory and identify password-related vulnerabilities.

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Have I Been Pwned?

Use this tool to see if your password has been compromised.

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