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Configure Securely

Use the tools below to configure the security settings on your devices and accounts. Just select your operating system to get started.

Once you know what you have, you need to make sure you have the appropriate settings to secure it. Systems, applications and devices have recommended security settings, known as “configurations” that help ensure conditions are optimized to protect against unauthorized access or activity. You should make sure your devices and applications are set up to be more secure. First, see the inventory list you created to go through each device and application you have to configure it for automatic updates.

This toolbox contains tools that help you securely set up many common operating systems, browsers, mobile devices, secure social media, and more. For items not covered in this toolbox, check the instructions or support pages for that device or application. Check each item off your list as you go and be sure to take this step every time you add a new device or application to your organization. You will also find tools to help “encrypt” or lock down your Windows and Mac systems.

2.1 Implement Secure Practices

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Use this tool to implement secure configurations for multiple technologies.

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Facebook Protect

Use this tool to mitigate security risks and protect your information and presence on Facebook.

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