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Protect Your Email and Reputation

Protecting your reputation and brand is critical to your success and is the next important step in this toolkit. You can help do this by implementing tools that ensure your brand’s name and email addresses don’t get used by others pretending to be you.

An email standard known as DMARC is an effective way to stop spammers and phishers from using organization “domains” (the part of your email address after the “@”) to carry out dangerous cyber attacks. It’s a way to verify the sender of an email has permission to use your email domain and send email. An additional benefit to using DMARC protection is that it may lead to better delivery of email to your audiences’ inboxes instead of to their spam folder! The tools below can help you set up DMARC and understand the information it provides.

Trademark monitoring tools give you visibility into how your business name or brand is being misused, allowing you to take action to protect your reputation. An example of an attack includes “look-alike” domains (slightly misspelled or with a different ending, e.g. becomes or, where attackers set up similar websites or domains and trick your users to visit, resulting in damage to your reputation and brand, and potential harm to your users. This is known a typo-squatting.

7.1 Implement DMARC

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GCA DMARC Setup Guide

Use this tool to implement DMARC.

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