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Update Your Defenses

Use the tools below to update your systems and software so you have the latest protections against threats. Start by selecting your operating system.

The next step in your multi-layer security program is to boost your digital immunity against threats such as viruses, spyware and more by keeping your systems updated. By running the most updated versions of operating systems, applications and mobile devices, you help defend against attackers who try to exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software.

This toolbox provides tools to help keep systems, applications and devices updated.  Websites are also at risk of being compromised. In this toolbox we’ve included tools you can use to run scans on your website to identify vulnerabilities. Send any identified problems to your web manager (or whoever handles your website) for the appropriate action to be taken.

4.1 Implement Security Settings

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Microsoft AccountGuard
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Microsoft AccountGuard

Use this tool for securing and monitoring Office365 environments.

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Patching Policy

Use/customize this template to build your company's patching policy.

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