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Know What You Have

Start here. Use the tools below to take an inventory of your devices and accounts to know what items need to be secured. The time to implement these tools may vary depending on the number of assets you have, but it is a critical step in the process.

Security Awareness Overview

First things first: Knowing what you have is the first step to better security. Identify all of your devices (including desktops, laptops, smartphones and printers) and applications (e.g., email, software, web browsers, websites) so you can take the steps to secure them.

This inventory will serve as a guide and checklist as you make your way through the rest of the toolboxes. Keep this list updated as you add or remove devices and applications.

Regular audits of social media accounts and their related apps help your defenses stay up and allow you to disable tools you might not use anymore. In 2018, several social media accounts belonging to journalists and public figures were accessed through third-party apps tied to foreign political operatives. They used the breach to spread false information through direct messaging with sources and other journalists, taking advantage of the journalist’s authoritative voice.

1.1 Identify Your Applications

Select “Identify Your Applications” under the Category menu, and choose any one of the tools listed to assist you in inventorying your applications.

Narrow your search by selecting your OS
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CIS Hardware and Software Asset Tracker

Use this spreadsheet to track your hardware, software, and sensitive information.

2h 0min

Manage Engine Desktop Central

Use this tool to inventory and manage your computers, mobile devices and applications.

Additional Training & Resources

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