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Recently Added Tools and Resources

The tools and resources below were recently added to the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit. We continuously strive to identify and share tools and resources that make an impact. If you’d like to recommend a tool or resource, please use our submit a tool application.

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Recently Added Phishing image on keyboard

Report Phishing Scams and Fraud

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Recently Added Victim Resources

Victims of Cybercrime: Where to Report & Get Help

So you have fallen victim to a cybercrime? Don’t know what to do next? Well, you are not alone. It is estimated that...

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Recently Added

Check a Website

Check a website is an easy-to-use online tool which helps determine whether a website is likely to be legitimate or a scam…before...

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Recently Added NCSC logo

Browser-Based Password Managers

Should I use a browser-based password manager? Many web browsers now come with password managers built in, and they can be...

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Recently Added Encrypt Email image

How to Encrypt Email

Email encryption is the process of disguising the content of your email messages to protect them from being read by unwanted...

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