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The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Journalists

A Resource for Independent Journalists, Watchdogs, and Small Newsrooms

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The Cybersecurity Toolkit for Journalists is designed to be completed in seven steps. Start here with Step One.

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For more detailed training, visit the Totem Project, a free online resource in partnership with Free Press Unlimited.

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Why Use the Toolkit

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) created this toolkit to empower independent journalists, watchdogs, and small newsrooms with information and tools to protect their sources and reputation. The toolkit follows best practice recommendations provided by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). The CIS recommendations are continuously updated using current threat information and expert guidance, enabling you to stay up to date on how to report the news on your terms.

Use the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit to assess your security posture, implement free tools, find practical tips, and use free resources and guides to build trust, defend the truth, and protect your sources.


of adults in the U.S. get at least some news online.

Build Trust.

Citizens need to trust that the news they read is accurate, factual, and complete. Journalists also need to have confidence in their systems.

Your Sources.

Whistleblowers and other vulnerable sources can face retribution before a journalist is able to properly verify and present their reporting.

Your Data.

Prevent your data from being used against you. Harassment especially affects minority groups, contributing to their lack of representation in the media.

Protect Your

Hackers can hijack social media accounts to impersonate journalists. This can lead to the spread of misinformation and damage the trust a journalist has built.

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